The Arlington Cardinal Network is a hyperlocal search network for people in Arlington Heights and Chicagoland. The mission is to help people find information and services from websites or from a community of people that share information on Facebook.

The Cardinal -- Arlingtoncardinal.com
The Arlington Cardinal Network is also a network of websites that include news, sports, weather, and directory information related to Arlingtoncardinal.com -- the primary news site for the network. Some sites are dedicated desktop websites, but several other websites are hybrid desktop/mobile websites, designed especially with the mobile user in mind (See a list of websites below the contact information at the bottom of the page).

Designed for Mobile or Desktop
Why type, when you can click? Arlingtoncardinal.net is designed and tested to simplify finding directory information, job information, service business networking, people networking and includes easy connections to other helpful websites in the Arlington Cardinal Network. Arlingtoncardinal.net is one of several hybrid desktop/mobile websites, designed especially with the mobile user in mind.

Arlingtoncardinal.net works great ... whether you're on a desktop computer or mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android OS phone. When using mobile devices such as Apple iPhones and Android OS phones, links often go directly to mobile websites and mobile facebook pages. Most links chosen point to websites that are convenient to use in mobile situations. Also from your mobile devices, your fingertip press on a phone number, calls your desired phone number automatically.

Contact Information

126 East Wing Street #220
Arlington Heights, Illinois

Arlington Cardinal Network Websites

The Cardinal -- Arlingtoncardinal.com