Sunday, October 25, 2020

Report Incidents for Arlington Heights and Chicagoland Sunday, October 25, 2020

Do you have a news tip? You can use the form below "START NOW" to send a private message (no Google account required) or use the comments section below to provide a public tip that is open to discussion (Google account required).

Readers with a Google account can report any incidents witnessed today. IMPORTANT: If you're a first witness or early witness to an emergency incident, CALL 9-1-1 to report the incident to authorities ( WILL NOT relay emergency information to 9-1-1 because is NOT an authority configured for receiving emergency calls for help).  

You may also report recent incidents from other dates, but please remember to provide a date and time for all incidents. 

Please provide WHAT, WHEN ( and WHERE (

All comments are moderated, and a Google account is required to post a comment. CARDINAL NEWS reserves the right to 

Use may also use to submit a news tip on more detailed forms or submit photographs, especially if you don't have a Google account.

Ask CARDINAL NEWS a question or LEAVE A TIP or COMMENT ...

If your comment is edited (for privacy or safety), the comment may be re-posted by the administrator in the redacted form for the benefit of other readers, and will not include information that identifies you, even if you provided your personal information in the comment.

If your incident is published (on or it may be edited for safety of police and firefighter/paramedics or for the privacy of people involved in the incident. 

ATTENTION COMMENTERS: No personal credit will be be mentioned or included in an article that uses your tip. The incident information published in will NOT mention a specific source (e.g., TIP will be identified as "a source" or an "unverified source" that provided the information, NOT YOUR PERSONAL NAME). reserves the right to edit, redact, refuse and repost any comment. Refused comments may be mentioned in the timeline of this blog so that you can recognize that your tip has been received.

ATTENTION COMMENTERS: You are invited to include a link to a Tweet or a Facebook post in your comment. If you include a link to a Twitter or Facebook post, please provide context to WHAT, WHERE, WHEN if possible.

NOTE: This service provides the opportunity for commenters to provide information about an emergency scene that is beyond what is available from authorities.

NOTE: Some TIPS may not be published (approved via moderation), but may be helpful leads. Thank you very much for your information tips.


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Examples of short text for "WHAT" happened

Crash, property damage only

Crash with injuries

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Fire with smoke showing

Fire with flames and smoke showing

Fire activity

Police activity

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